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RAMS Management

logo_smallAny safety critical or highly reliable product has to be developed from the start according to RAMS requirements and structured processes.

Safey management is a key element on any organization aiming to achieve RAMS goals.

For this purpose, Viattech Q&S provides safety management services and consultancy based on a system and integrated approach:

  1. Support our customers in setting-up an effective organization, a safety culture and a development process which allows to achieve RAMS target
  2. Producing RAMS and V&V plans so that all related activities are planned and are sufficient to achieve RAMS targets
  3. Verification that design, verification and testing activities are performed as planned with sufficient quality, so that safety related anomalies are eliminated and residual risks are reduced at a tolerable level
  4. Hazard Log management from which any indentified hazard is tracked and mitigated or eliminated before delivery to any customer
  5. Support our customers in producing safety cases to achieve safety certification and acceptance against applicable standards (European or national)