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ISA and IA Audit

logo_smallIn many fields of the industry, independent assessment and certification of safety critical products or systems are required by law or by clients willing to achieve the assurance of certain level of safety and reliability.

Viattech Q&S is active in the assessment of railway signaling applications following CENELEC EN50129/ EN50128/ EN50126 standards and other relevant railway standards such as the Yellow Book.

Our approach is to review not only the safety documentation but to evaluate the development process itself and its effective application. We provide proactive identification of potential risks.

Our pragmatic approach is not limited to the compliance with International or European safety standards. Instead we intend to understand the approach taken by the development team and their rational. This approach is compared with the guidance and the good practices recommended in the standards. In case of non-compliance, we provide judgment whether or not the adopted approach achieves the project safety target.

Our independent professional reviews are basically structured as follows:

  1. Safety Audits to evaluate the degree in which safety plans and procedures are applied, their compliancy with applicable standards or best practices. Audits are performed by analyzing plans and interviewing the key players of the team at main phases of the project development.
  2. Safety Assessments to evaluate whether or not the risks associated with the system or product being developed is reduced to an acceptable level, and to provide recommendations for corrective action if necessary. Safety assessments are performed by close analysis of project key documentation, RAMS analyses as well as implementation of hazard log management process.

These activities are supported by audit reports, a list of findings and a comprehensive assessment report.

At the end of the process, a safety certificate is provided for our clients. Accreditation Certificate No. 571-INSP; VIATTECH Q&S SPRL has de competence to perform inspections, in accordance with the requirements of the standard NBN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 (as type A inspection body).