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RAMS Analysis

logo_smallOur engineers are skilled and trained in the various structured methods of the RAMS engineering field. They are prepared to perform the following main types of analyses and probabilistic risk assessment:

  1. FMECA (Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis), qualitative assessment method widely used to identify single failures of a specified system. A sub-set of analysis are based on FMECA approach such as PHA (Preliminary Hazard Analysis), SHA (System Hazard Analysis), OSHA (Operating System Hazard Analysis) and IHA (Interface Hazard Analysis)
  2. FTA (Fault Tree Analysis), quantitative assessment method widely used for demonstrating multiple failure probability or allocating tolerable hazard rate to components
  3. RBD (Reliability Block Diagram), method widely used to analyze mission reliability and availability
  4. Markov modeling, method used to build dynamic reliability and life cycle models
  5. ETA (Event Tree Analysis), method used to analyze sequences of events and their ability to cause an undesired event