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RAMS Product and Software

logo_smallIRMS objective: following many years of cumulated experience in RAMS management and engineering, we identified a significant amount of potential improvements in the process and methods used in the RAMS field. IRMS tool improve significantly the productivity and quality of RAMS engineering outputs.

IRMS structure: IRMS is an integrated or external (at VIATTECH Q&S) server client based platform which allows collaborative and multi-projects risk management.

IRMS incorporates five main functional components based on our experience and on intensive research on common ground methods and procedures between the most relevant standards.

System service CO: responsible for the system based services provided to the other components and to manage basic functions as well as administrative tasks.

Hazard Management C1 responsible for the functions that are required to ensure that all project risks are eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level. Based on CENELEC EN 50126, EN 50129 and EU regulation Common Safety Method.

Qualitative Hazard Analysis C2: responsible for the functions required to perform all main techniques of qualitative hazard analysis such as PHA, SHA, SSHA, OSHA, HAZOP etc. Based on MIL and IEC standards.

Reliability Prediction C3: responsible for performing predictive reliability analysis of electronic products or boards based on IEC62380 standard.

IRMS is available realising: the acquisition of licences or the hiring of service of accommodation within the high availability computer infrastructure of VIATTECH Q&S