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Viattech opportunities

logo_smallHere is what you get in Viattech Q&S:

An excellent and stimulating working environment

Innovative relation approach owners <=> employee

  1. Job training with experts in the field (you are not left alone)
  2. Opportunity to work in different business areas while performing core activity (forget about doing the same thing for a long time). You can do technical-commercial tasks, advertising, software specifications, mathematical modeling etc.
  3. Multicultural team environment (we like different origins, perspectives, languages and experiences)
  4. No age segregation (you are young or old, we do not care, just do the best job possible)
  5. Extra salary package to make you comfortable (we do not want you to worry, just work)
  6. The career is based in longevity pay (we want you to stay)
  7. The career is based also on the objective performance evaluation (forget about subjective insights)