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Ertms Cenelec Unisig Era

Our mission

logo_smallViattech Q&S provides services on the field of RAMS engineering (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) and safety risk management.

The aim of Viattech Q&S is to answer our client′s needs and improve their products, systems, engineering processes and organizations by providing high quality services.

Viattech helps our customers to:

  1. develop RAMS oriented products by using state of the art methods and analyses
  2. demonstrate RAMS compliance against European or country standards so that associated certification or homologation can be achieved
  3. ensure that products or systems suppliers fulfill RAMS requirements and standards by independent safety assessment and audit
  4. set up client organizations so that products and systems are developed with the highest RAMS standards
  5. provide specialized software tools for safety management, qualitative and quantitative risk assessments